Youth Development

Leaders Kingdom

The Young Adult Leaders (Y.A.L.) program is designed to prepare young adults to transition into their professional career or business endeavor.

The transition from school into the workforce can be difficult to navigate without a plan and guidance. Our program goal is to equip Y.A.L. with tools to clarify their vision and enable them to answer two common questions; “Where do I want to go?” and “How do I get there?”

To do this, we have designed a series of development experiences:

  • Focus Your Vision Workshop to articulate a vision, identify success factors, and define it in terms of goals and action steps.
  • Professionalism Workshop to enhance resume design, interview skills, and discuss how to navigate a professional work setting.
  • Entrepreneurs Workshop to develop a value proposition for target customers and learn start-up basics such as registering a business, launching a website, and social-media marketing.
  • Enhancing Leadership presentation to discuss and learn how to lead in difficult situations or even when you are not in charge.

For more information about our Young Adult Leaders program or development please contact us.