Have you ever wondered how people become successful or posed the question we all ask ourselves during some stage of adulthood:

Am I doing something wrong with my life?

For many of us, this derives from the perception we have of other peoples lives.

The comparison bug starts to eat at us and we begin to dissect our own life. Some of us may think through the ups and downs and question why we aren’t further along. While others size up their job, income or even who they involve themselves with.

Now, trying to live another person’s life can lead to your own misery. You are who you are for a reason.  But, what if there was something you could do to continuously elevate your life? Something that some of the very people you would aspire to model your life, career or values after have. Something you can develop within yourself, to make you, a better you.

Well, I can tell you there is.

Millennials should be honored for the epidemic they named SWAG. This perceptual aura signifies their identity. With it, they define who they are and declare their individuality from others. They choose to live up to it day-in and day-out, no matter the opposition. For many individuals, they express their SWAG through their clothing, hairstyle, a circle of friends, accomplishments but more importantly their attitude.

They’ve adopted a phrase that requires them and anyone else who claims it, to have confidence in themselves and their ability to do anything.

Like a basketball player taking the last shot, a musician playing a solo in Madison Square Garden or a doctor performing a life-saving surgery – they all must have an “I can, I will, and this is who I am” type of attitude to fulfill the task at hand.

NBA basketball star, Russell Westbrook, articulated his SWAG after a loss to the Boston Celtics and a poor shooting performance. When asked by a reporter about the pressure of being closely guarded by a Celtics player, Russell replied “He had a good game …” followed by “I do this. Don’t get it twisted.”

Russell Westbrook went on to lead his team to two wins over Celtics after these comments.

The point is, SWAG will matter most in the face of opposition.

Then there’s GRIT. The intrinsic desire to be resilient to achieve a long-term goal. Whether through upbringing or raw passion many successful people have disciplined themselves to persevere in the face of defeat …and if they were to fail, they see it as an opportunity to improve. They’ve envisioned a way of life that calls for continuous learning and effort to reach their end-goal.

In other words, the GRIT-iest people are internally driven to see their dreams become a reality.

So, how can you become one those successful people? Be confident in who you are, what you’re capable of, and be passionate enough to see your goals through.

Sounds like a recipe for a highly productive and accomplished life.

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